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Top tennis players from the ATP and WTA circuits come to the Ciric Sports Base between July 10 and 23, 2023. The Iași Open is one of the most anticipated events in the sports calendar in Romania and the most important sports event in the Moldova area. In the first week of the Iași Open, the men's tournament, Concord Iași Open - ATP Challenger 100, the most important men's tennis tournament in Romania, in its 4th edition, is held, followed by the women's tournament, BCR Iași Open - WTA 125 in its 2nd edition, the second most important tennis tournament in Romania.

Iași Open is a sports event owned and organized by the Iași Open Association and Concord Service Center in collaboration with the Iași City Hall.
About us

Concord Iasi Open

The tournament has total prize money of 130.000$, 100 ATP points and a single main draw of 32 players ranked between 80 and 400 ATP. Filip Jianu, David Nicholas Ionel and Cezar Cretar from Iași are some of the Romanina players who will be competing.


The tournament will take place during July 10-16, 2023, at Baza de Sportivă Ciric, and the director of the tournament is be Andrei Pavel, the most successful Romanian tennis player of the last 20 years.


BCR Iasi Open

The capital of Moldova is now on the map of Romanian women's tennis. For the second edition, this summer during July 10-16, 2023, Iași is hosting the WTA 125 – BCR Iasi Open, with total prize money of 115,000 dollars and 160 WTA points.


Romanian players and world tennis stars come to Iasi at BCR Iasi Open, a tournament that will have as director Danie Dobre, coach with an important record of WTA titles, being a real premiere for Iasi to host a women's tennis tournament of such magnitude.