Do you want to be part of the volunteer team at Concord Iași Open and BCR Iași Open?

The volunteer position involves active participation in the organization of the tournaments and has an important role in the successful running of the activities that will take place daily at the Ciric Sports Base between July 7 and 23, 2023.

Join the volunteer team and get behind-the-scenes access to tennis tournaments. You will interact with the players, you will work directly with the organizers and members of the ATP and WTA teams and you will be able to participate in the events associated with the tournament.

Please fill out the form below. We are waiting for your registration until June 11, 2023.

Please specify if you want to participate in the Concord Iasi Open, the BCR Iasi Open or both.

*Personal data* (section 1)

*Personal data* (section 1)

Please read carefully all the details about the existing departments and choose the 3 options in the order of your preference.

  • Hospitality - You make sure that all guests and participants are informed and served, from arrival to departure, you are responsible for their good mood during the tournaments.

  • Info Point - Providing information about the schedule, players, matches, tickets, entertainment areas, giveaways, everything that happens in Ciric Sports Base every day (don't worry if you don't know all these details yet, the department coordinator will will instruct with all necessary information).

  • Transport – Provide transport for players, officials and VIPs between the hotel and the tournament venue. Transport must be safe and comfortable, keeping to the set schedule and making sure the car arrives on time for matches, training or other activities. Volunteer drivers must be flexible and adaptable to the event schedule, may be required to work different shifts and accommodate last minute changes or special requirements. Road safety is an absolute priority for volunteer drivers.

  • Players Lounge, Partners Lounge & Players Resto - You will help suppliers of catering, drinks, decorations; you ensure that all related areas are supplied with drinks and food; you supervise access to this area.

  • Fan Zone - the relaxation and entertainment area for the general public, where you want to direct the public to various activities and inform them about the vendors and their special offers.

  • Acreditări & Ticketing - you check the tickets of the spectators and put the access bracelet on them according to the period mentioned on the ticket, you make sure that foreigners do not enter the Sports Base.

  • Social Media - Creation of daily social media content, including photos, videos, graphics and captions, that engages fans and followers and promotes tournament sponsors and partners.

  • Events – you will be part of the team that takes care of the events during the tournaments (Kids Media Day, Autograph Session, etc.)

! If you choose the same department 2 or 3 times, you will be assigned to a random department.