Iasi is among the 35 cities worldwide that host both an ATP and a WTA tournament in the same year.


Iași Open is a sports event owned by the Iași Open Association and Concord Service Center, organized in collaboration with Iași City Hall. The tennis tournaments organized so far in Iași have been a success recognized by players, the public and officials from the country and abroad.


"Congratulations to those who organized the tournament, it was very nice. I was looking that this tournament can be anywhere in the world, if you don't know it's in Iași. Right in Madrid. I'm serious, it really looks really nice." — Ilie Năstase


The values and objectives of Iași Open are to lay the foundations of a healthy community through sport, respect and discipline, with the mission of supporting the sustainable development of society and the community.


Iași Open Objectives

Attracting top international and Romanian players, and promoting their careers. We grant Wild Cards to Romanian players to participate in international tournaments, so that they can demonstrate their skills and advance in the ATP and WTA rankings.

Enhancing the fan experience by organizing related events such as concerts, activities for children and adults (recreational, sporting, artistic) and player meetings.

Promote the location and community by attracting visitors and generating media attention and public interest.

All these aspects lead to the sustainability of the project in order to organize the Iași Open tournaments for as long as possible.